Muestreo y evaluación Litológica

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Collection and procesing Sample

DATALOG uses adequate procedures for collection and processing sample. Unit has an oven for drying samples and has a good number of trays for sample collection and analysis by the geologist.

Cuttings Microscopic description

Description, percentages and detailed lithological interpretation of cuttings (ditch samples), will be done through microscopes with binocular zoom using ranges between 0.6, 1, 2. 4, 10 diopters of magnification with white light lamps, the frequency of analysis will be in the form requested by OUR CLIENT. This information is manually entered into the depth database to be reported in graphic form in different types of logs that can be configured in the work.

We can also supply a digital stereoscope with camera for capturing of lithology images in order to complete an eventual library of all stratigraphy showed during the drilling (see price list for additional services).

Análisis fluoroscópico

La unidad esta provista de un fluoroscopio portátil con “Dark Camber” y la posibilidad de alternar con luz blanca para su análisis. La evaluación de hidrocarburos, incluyendo técnicas de fluoroscopia, serán efectuadas en intervalos seleccionados por NUESTRO CLIENTE.

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