Detección Hidrocarburo y Gases Ambientales

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High speed gas chromatograph

DATALOG´s gas Chromatograph is the most important and useful tool used in the identification of total gas. High speed chromatography is carried out continuously «on line» with the system in cycles of every 30 seconds.

The chromatograph utilises two columns, for light gases and heavy gases, and a silicon micro-machined injection system to analysis; Likewise all valves, injectors and columns are manufactured in silicon. Gases presence that form the hydrocarbon chain is determined quantitative and qualitatively; (both the total gas and the Chromatography) are plotted in real time and stored in the database, which can be printed with other parameters, in addition to an immediate graphic response If the penetration rate is 60 ft / h (3 min. ./m), the resolution can be greater than 1 foot of C1-C5, with the high speed Chromatography, and conventional systems this resolution cannot be less than 10 feet.

The total gas chromatography represents a better advance compared to other readings. The system can evaluate hydrocarbon and provide the equivalent measurement of total flame ionization gas (FID), to compare with other records that used old equipment.

Gas relation analysis

There are several registers for gas analysis:

  1. The real-time system calculates the balance, characteristics and moisture relations, from these relation the system determines hydrocarbon type; as well as the grade (heavy oil, gas, light oil, etc.). This is part of the system in real time and can be printed in logs, report or seen on screen.
  2. Individual charts of specific areas can be made, using the chart interpretation method, which identifies oil production areas, gas or non-productive zones, using gas ratio techniques.
  3. Users can define their own hydrocarbon relation, which are taken from the database in real time and can be displayed or reported in logs or graphs.



The nature of these toxic gases requires high detection capacity.

DATALOG uses an electrochemical cell, which is designed for long life and high stability; This cell has a high speed response to H2S and is not affected by the interference of other gases.


CO2 Monitoring

The High Speed chromatograph used by DATALOG records CO2 present in mud gases with 10 ppm resolution, using the same frequency to analyze the composition of hydrocarbon gases. The sensor is placed in critical areas where the mud returns to surface or there may be gas accumulation produced by the well.

Detectores de CO2 Ambiental

El sensor para ser colocado en áreas criticas donde el lodo regrese a superficie o pueda haber acumulación de los gases producidos por el pozo.


Explosive Mix Detectors

The sensor is placed in critical areas where the mud returns to surface or there may be accumulation of gases produced by the well. These sensors detect combustible gases, the most important is Methane.


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