Muestreo y evaluación Litológica

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Collection and procesing Sample DATALOG uses adequate procedures for collection and processing sample. Unit has an oven for drying samples and has a good number of trays for sample collection and analysis by the geologist. Cuttings Microscopic description Description, percentages and detailed lithological interpretation of cuttings (ditch samples), will be done through microscopes with binocular zoom using ranges between 0.6, 1, 2. 4, 10 diopters of magnification with white light

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Parametros de Perforaciòn

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Profundidad y rata de penetración Depth and position of bit are generated by the sensor installed in the winch, programmed according to the diameter of the cable and the number of turns of the winch. This encodes with the weight of hook to determine the position and state of the drill. This system is totally independent of the perforator The software determines whether the Drill is deep in travel or

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Detección Hidrocarburo y Gases Ambientales

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High speed gas chromatograph DATALOG´s gas Chromatograph is the most important and useful tool used in the identification of total gas. High speed chromatography is carried out continuously “on line” with the system in cycles of every 30 seconds. The chromatograph utilises two columns, for light gases and heavy gases, and a silicon micro-machined injection system to analysis; Likewise all valves, injectors and columns are manufactured in silicon. Gases presence

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