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During the drilling periods, it is measured, recorded and displayed on the screen in real time and continuously: Date and day of the trip Difference of volumes Total depth of the bit and return time Calculation of softness / upwelling Weight on the bit Travel time, (average) Number of stops in the hole Strokes Totalizer Weight on the hook, (minimum, maximum and average) Instantaneous and average pipeline speed Weight difference

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DATALOG COLOMBIA SAS, Has essential elements for catching, packaging, protection and preservation of samples ditch. Collection, washing, drying, labeling and packaging of formation samples. Fluoroscopic analysis of samples for hydrocarbon content. Determination of visual porosity Sand content Microscopic, lithological analysis of samples and their respective interpretation, as well as the correlation of the same with the evaluation of hydrocarbons and analysis of gases. Calcimetry Shale Density test  

Mud Logging

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Our professionals are extensively experienced in management and interpretation of both, geological and engineering information, as well as in the immediate attention to the possible technical or interpretative difficulties that may occur; this guarantees our contribution and support to both the geologist and the engineer. The Mudlogging Unit designed and built as a result of more than 25 years of experience, providing the environment and adequate space for the development

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